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Skullcandy Comments

SKULLCANDY96Chris says: (5 years ago)
Hello :) I'm Chris, I've been reading all of your guyses complaints, I'm here to tell you a story that will take care of all your problems. First off, the reason why your guyses headphones have been having issues is because you guys have gotten the manufactured defected products. Skullcandy isn't responsible for theses issues, they can't control what comes off of the assembly line, so there's no need to be hating or being disappointed with Skullcandy. Skullcandy has a lifetime warrenty that doesn't require any kind of payments at all what so ever :). If your headphones randomly break, by just putting them on or a speaker blows out or stops working, it's covered 100%, and you will given a full refun, go to Skullcandys website, click on warrenty information on the bottom of the page, fill out a claim stating what happened, your email address, when it happened and your name. Then print out your claim, send your headphones to Skullcandy, the claim will have the shipping information on the paper for you to cut out, and then just send it. This process will take usually a week or 6 weeks depending on how busy Skullcandy is. There's no need to get impatient, so don't feel that Skullcandy isn't the company that doesn't treat there customers with disrespect or they aren't important, I've always had respect and felt that I was important to Skullcandy as a well known customer. After sending your headphones to Skullcany, wait for an email from Skullcandy, you will get an email stating your warrenty claim has been processed, with a coupon code containing the value of your headphones that you paid for, you can use that code to get your new pair or you can find something else that you like on there website that has the same value, or less than what you paid for, you can even change colors of your headphones, but it has to be the same price because there are different editions of the headphones you bought that's worth more because it's a special edetion. If you break the headphones yourself, you will get 50% off your next purchase from Skullcandys website. You can't use your code at a store, the code will only work on Skullcandys website. So don't be upset, Skullcandy had this warrenty for a reason, I own 5 pairs of Headphones and a docking speaker by Skullcabdy , Hesh 2, Skullcrushers 2, Heavy Medals, 50/50s, Mix Masters, and the Vandel docking speaker. I've had my Hesh 2s for a year and 3 months and have experienced no problems at all what so ever, I've had my Skullcrushers for only 2 months, I recently got them, I've had my Heavy Medals for a year and a month, they still work and have no problems still. I just got my 50/50s 2 days ago, so there's nothing special to tell about that XD, and I've had my Mix Masters for 3 months, this is my second pair or Mix Masters because last year I had Mix Masters, I was letting someone try my Mix Masters out and his head so big that he broke the headband of them.....I'm pissed at him still, no it's not because the Mix Masters were cheap or anything, he has broken ever pair of his headphones with his big ass head, she can break any headphone. But Skullcandy covered it and they considered it a manufacture defect and gave me a new pair, I choose a different color. Mix Masters are Skullcandys best headphone that they make and sell, they are professional DJ and Studio Quallity Headphone, there sold for 300$, so they aren't a joke, iff you guys haven't herd or seen Mix Masters, Go check them out :). Hope this was helpful for you guys :).

Chris Kuhn

Sareena says: (6 years ago)
My skull candy Smokin' buds live up to there name, they electrocuted my ear!!!

Ruaridhroo says: (7 years ago)
In the past year I have had 5 pairs of Skull Candy headphones, "Ink'd rasta" (two pairs), "Ink'd silver/black", "lowrider MFM white and gold" and "uprock rasta". The first pair I had was the ink'd rasta and within 4 weeks of having these the sound would be temperamental in the right ear. This continued and became worse then the sound in the right earphone completely stopped working. At first I believed this was due to how I cared for these however when I purchased my second pair the "ink'd silver/black" the exact same thing happened and this was with me making sure to take care of the cable; i.e. not wrapping round my ipod, not have poking out my pocket. Still thinking this was a one of I bought a second pair of the "ink'd rasta" and my girlfriend got me a pair of the "lowrider MFM white and gold". These lasted a while longer and believing the problem with the sound failing over time was not a problem any more I got a the "uprock rasta" for my birthday. The "lowrider MFM white and gold" have been the least used out of my collection, mainly wearing them to study in my flat and to the library. Even with this little usage the sound in the right ear has stopped in these headphones. I am extremely disappointed, as Skullcandy is such a well know brand that I would expect the products to last much longer and not need replaced basically once every two months. I am certain the problem is not due to how I take care of my headphones as I make sure that they are well looked after and the fact that I have spoken to other people who have had the problem with over time the sound going on one side.

The bad experience I have had with these products and the money wasted on replacing them just for the replacement to break have made me seriously doubt if I will purchase any more Skullcandy products.

Finally as I am form the UK the skullcandy website is pretty useless seeing as most things are in the US.

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